Download link is now working again

Our game “Don’t Look Now” can yet again be downloaded for free from the site, now with a fresh download link that should remain intact for all eternity!

Yes. After a long period with a dead download link (because of our previous host wiping the entire domain), we are finally back. We’d like to thank everyone who has written to us, curious about the game and requesting a fix. We hope you will finally get to enjoy the game like so many others already have!

We’d like to take this opportunity to also express our gratitude to all our existing fans. Thanks for all your interest and kind comments throughout the years! Also, a huge thanks to Markiplier for playing our game like a champ, sparking discussion and interest for it.


Review of DLN on Freepcgamers

Got a nice surprise in the mail today – Lolman from found our game and reviewed it:) You can read the review or watch the video review here: .

Download now available!

Okay, so we finally uploaded the UDK-installer file for download! Sorry the delay;) The media section has also been expanded on, so there are some screenshots for you to view if you’re unable to play the game. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to also check out the awesome teaser movie we made for the project.

Site up and running!

The Don’t Look Now game site is now online! Here you can read updates, and learn more about the game and its developers. But most importantly, you can download and try the game yourself! We appreciate any comments, and hope you enjoy it.