How to Play

From the start menu, you can view instructions and credits by clicking on them or using the arrow keys to select, then pressing enter.

The game uses ordinary FPS controls for movement. That is, keys WASD to move forward or to strafe. Move the camera around with the mouse (for direction when walking, or just to look around/away). Space can be used to jump/double jump, although this is seldom needed.

Collect the pieces of your mind – glowing orbs in selected trees – they are the key to open doors.

The monsters have a freeze and pull-effect – freezing you in their gaze, pulling your face towards them. You will lose if you look directly at them for too long. If you are unfortunate and get frozen, fend them off by looking away (keep redirecting your view with the mouse) whilst pressing Q rapidly!

Watch the neuron indicator in the bottom right corner to see how much “aggro” you get from nearby monsters. Too much, and they will attack you.

Press Esc to open the menu to read instructions, continue or quit game. There are checkpoints scattered around – if you lose, you can choose “retry” from the game over screen to start over from the last check point.


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