High Concept

You closed your eyes on March 18, 1986. You play a schizophrenic caught inside her own deranged mind. The game world is a huge building, the Maze of Pain and Fear, which is a representation of your mind. You regain consciousness somewhere in the lower parts of the building, and have to find your way to the top of the building, where hopefully you will be ”cured” or set free. On the way, you have to avoid confronting the monsters in your head, which are hiding in the darkness. They will hunt and attack you, and drain you of your sanity if you look at them for too long.

…soon she finds the first piece of her lost mind, and realizes that this must be her mission, and starts to find her way through the building, always looking for a way up. But sometimes stairs lead nowhere, and other times shadow monsters are blocking the way.


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