Don’t look at them – they will drain you of your last sanity if they catch you. Direct your consciousness and reach your happy place.

Download and play “Don’t Look Now” here! (239 MB)
Update: New download link as of 6/22/2018!


23 responses to “Home

  • Mariah

    I have tried several download sites, a solid hour of google-fu, and I am honestly at my wit’s end. After three tries of downloading your game, it seems that at least the first ten, if not every single file is corrupted–and that was the download I was able to do anything with in the first place!
    I am very disappointed that I did not have the opportunity to play your game, and can only hope that someday it will be fixed and/or published.

    • filipla

      Whoa, not good. We’re gonna look into it. It works here, and it’s supposed to be only one installer-file to download and one place to download it from? Anyways, we appreciate your interest! We’ll update when/if we find a solution…

  • Matt Martinez

    Loved it! It’s hard for me to sit through a lot of indie games to the end, but this one had me curious the whole way through. One thing I’d like to point out, if I may, about “Them” is that while frightening as all hell to encounter the first few times, once I got the hang of dispatching them I found myself not so freaked out anymore and the rest of the game was a breeze. Maybe try to beef up the freak-out factor a bit, and make the consequences for Them getting a hold of you a bit higher.

    Otherwise, amazing game. Great job! 😀

  • Matt Martinez

    Ah, and now I realize how long ago this game was probably posted so that was probably the final version that was to be worked on. Well, keep it up then. Looking forward to future IGF entries such as this.

  • Erik Jansson

    I really enjoyed the game! I was about to write what Matt Martinez wrote, that its one of the first indie games that really piqued my interest 🙂

    I am cheering for you guys to come #1 on the IGF Student competition!
    If you have the time check my submission for the IGF Student Competition as well: http://sauronzdev.com/tail.html

  • Filip

    Wow, thanks for your comments, guys:) Glad you liked it! @Matt: I agree with the things you point out, and have some ideas to hopefully make it even better and sustain the freak-out!

  • Тшсу

    Great game, I agreed w/ Matt.
    Aldo u can’t deny it looks wery raw and ending is quite a disappointing=(
    I wish this would have an update.

    Thanks for the game anyways.

  • ian

    hi this game isnt running in windows XP (i think) i load the game so many times and it didnt open i was gonna play this sweet super awesome horror game but i it didnt work errrrrrrrrr i want TO Reply fast PLEASE REPLY FAST I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iam SO EXITED TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuki

    What was the name of the song at the end? :O

  • Martin Bennien

    wow very creepy horror game and very nice *__*

    My Let´s Play 😀 (german)

  • Baii

    I wish this was for mac :C Do you think You might be able to make a download for mac?

  • Alice

    I don’t understand this game..can you help me ?

  • msherbrooke

    That was excellent! not very scary as much as it was eery with it’s ability to give me some goosebumps. Very unique though and I think that’s the more important thing so great work.

  • Ben LeBlanc

    I think I broke it. I honestly have no clue what happened. I was at the part with the tree with the energy thing that kept whispering at me, and one end of the room was all glitchy-looking. I walked through it and I basically just fell out of the world…



    Hello, my name is Jessica Green and I am the author of the novel INTO THE HALLWAY. This game reminded me a lot of the book I had written and it shocked me at first. The summary is essentially the same: the main characters are schizophrenics, they’re both trying to piece together their own minds, and they’re both in a maze world. Mine is called the Maze Dimension whereas yours is eerily similar, titled “The Maze of Pain and Fear”. The Hallway aspect in my book had doors with those two names, and it immediately drew me to see what this game was about. I found it incredible. Although I’m not able to play it due to my system’s graphics card not being good enough, but when I get a better computer I’ll be sure to get a copy. This is definitely something I’m interested in.

  • LydiaSunny

    It doesn΄t seem to work :/ I΄ve tried to downloaded at many sites but they always get me there. where the file isn΄t working.
    I really wanted to play this game so i feel disappointed, I hope someday the file gets fixed 😦

  • Aisu Tistoto

    I cannot download this, please fix,

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